Christy and Kallie
Manipulatives: Hands on learning increases retention and understanding of content. Helps them with problem solving tasks and increases engagement. (Busy hands are happy hands!)
Visuals: Helps communicate ideas to students through visual examples and demonstrations of concepts.
At Risk
Cooperative Learning: Develops social skills and allows students to learn from one another.
Activating Prior Knowledge: Allows students to connect and relate background knowledge to new content. Engages all students in the learning process.
Think Time: Giving the students time to think on a deeper level. (don't forget to ask a good questions!)
Curriculum Differentiation: Giving students different (not more) work that is at their level.

ELL--I will use 4-squar vocabulary for key terms. I will use role playing about life in the colonial times. I will usetotal physical response.
Gate--I will have GATE studens work on a powerpoint presentation to present to the class.
AT Risk--

Amanda/ Jessica
ELL- vocabulary lists, visual cues, picture descriptions, readers theater, carousel brainstorm
At Risk-Visual cues, pictures, use of realia
GATE- making connections between content/ skills, synthesis, analysis, evaluation, finding patterns across curriculum

By Margarita Guido and Evelyn Conde
At Risk students: The student at risk will need many assignments/tests modified or reduced.
Have the student seat close to the teacher.
Gate students: Always provide choices. Provide more than one choice for them to demonstrate understanding. For example, put together a brochure or newspaper article.
Have students write a song or poem and read it to the class according to the lesson being taught
Create an independent project activity.
EL students: Graphic organizers helps students visually organize the information, increases retention,
Realia and manipulatives: Using concrete objects in the classroom creates cognitive connection with vocabulary, stimulates conversation, and builds background knowledge.

Letitia and Reyna:
At-Risk--modifying book report, one on one assistance, pair up with student who loves to help, act out hero
GATE-- Give a speech, computer research, time line of achievements/events, recreate experiment by hero
EL--Cooperative grouping, realia, pictures, diorama, picture/drawing book report, act out hero