Three Learning’s from the Catterall Essay

One of the key finding of this essay is significant in that teens and young adults of low socioeconomic (SES) status who are involved in arts show better academic outcomes than low SES youth who have little or less involvement in the arts programs in school. I personally believe that this is a valid point when it comes to deciding whether or not a school should incorporate an arts program for their students. This gives a benefit to adding an arts program to schools and I believe it is one worth considering. This is important because of the current economic constraints that many schools face, arts programs are being cut back.

A second key finding of this essay is that high school seniors did extremely well academically when they had an arts rich background in 2004. This allowed these students to participate in academic honor societies. I believe this adds more credence to the argument of whether or not to add, or enhance an arts program in schools. In my experience I have observed many students with artistic talent, with good grades, that would benefit from an enhanced arts program in school. When students with excellent academic scores and are involved in a well arts programs, the combination of the two makes them well rounded in their educational abilities and talents.

A third key finding of this essay is that young adults with an arts rich background in high school are more likely to be civic minded. This means that they vote more, they take an interest in current affairs, they volunteer more, and they are involved with school government. This is another important reason to incorporate arts programs into the schools. It shows that students with heavy arts programs will become involved in leadership, and become more important in their communities, being involved in civic responsibilities such as voting. This prepares them for participating in city, state, and national government affairs when they are adults. This could also inspire them to work toward applying for a government position in adult life.